ORC Units

ORC Demonstration Unit

DRD Power ORC Demonstration Unit

DRD Power’s first transportable ORC demonstration unit rated at 130kW was built by Star Refrigeration Limited of Glasgow, based on the conceptual process design from DRD Power.

The ORC unit was commissioned in 2011 at Huntsman Tioxide’s site at Greatham where it has continued to generate electricity using a waste hot water heat source.

The DRD Power ORC technology uses:
  • A low temperature (<130C) heat source
  • No intermediate heat transfer fluid
  • A non-flammable and non ozone-depleting refrigerant
Conventional ORC systems use:
  • A high temperature (>200C) heat source such as biomass combustion
  • An intermediate heat transfer fluid
  • A flammable organic fluid
ORC Benefits
  • Payback < 3 years
  • Works at low temperature  ~ 90°C
  • CO2 free electric power
  • Closed cycle – Zero emissions
  • Fully automatic
  • No toxic or flammable substances
  • No process risk
  • Easy installation
  • Remote start-up and monitoring